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Orange County, CA Corporate Lunch 'N Learns

At Fountain of Life Family Chiropractic in Tustin, CA, we truly care about the health of our community.  Dr. Shannon Blumhardt donates his time to local corporations in Orange County, CA, by providing corporate Lunch 'N Learns.  If you are an employee or human resources professional who is looking to bring more value to your current health and wellness program, this is an excellent program to implement.  We work with all types of corporactions in Orange County, large and small.  Contact Holly for more details at 714.665.9355.

Listed below is a brief synopsis of our most popular health talks.  However, we are able to customize programs, based on the employer needs.  We typically offer a complimentary health screening at the end of each presentation.


100 Year Lifestyle

- How to live a healthy, happy, passionate life everyday
- Create great relationships with multiple generations and circles of people
- Create financial freedom, abundance, and independence
- Balancing work and play time
- Maximize your genetic capabilities and make the most of your time, energy, and talents
- Keep your original body parts functioning at full capacity
- Stimulating your mind to keep it sharp
- How to accept challenges, embrace change, and adapt to the unexpected
- Balance the need for immediate gratification and a secure future 

New You 2012 (Typically done in Jan/Feb) -

- Increase your energy
- Eliminate acute or chronic pain
- Make the lifestyle changes you know you need to make
- Improve your health and fitness dramatically
- Strengthen your immune system
- Lose weight and keep it off
- Create an exciting vision for 2012 and beyond

Healthy Generations - 100 Healthy Years Presentation

- Find out your minimum potential years remaining
- If you are in pain now, and you don't solve the problem, how will you feel in a decade?
- If you are sick now, how sick will you be in a decade?

Stress Less, Live More -

- Stress Less and get more out of your life
- Eliminate pain and other stress-related problems
- Strengthen, relax, and refocus your mind
- Turn challenges into opportunities
- Become more resilient
- Build your body's resistance
- Increase your energy
- Be healthy in spite of stress

Go Girl!  Women's Wellness -

- Cost effective solutions for acute and chronic health problems
- Get off the health roller coaster
- Self healing strategies you can use for a lifetime
- To stay young and healthy as you age
- Improve the quality of your lifestyle dramatically

Stand Strong!  Men's Health and Wellness -

- Revitalize your energy
- Strengthen your body and mind
- Eliminate nagging aches and pains
- Improve your diet
- Reduce your stress levels
- Improve your posture and flexibility
- Get in the best shape of your life

Live an Independent Life -

- Declare your independence and take control of your health
- Fell younger every day
- Live a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life
- Design your personal healthcare routine that will keep you healthier for decades
- Eliminate healthcare confusion
- Set health priorities, create a Personal Action Plan for lifelong better health
- It's time to start thinking long term

School's Back, get your kids back on track -

- Backpacks, musical instruments, sports, and intensive sitting can all injure the spine.
- A health back is required for your kids to be healthy and successful in school and their activities.

Lifestyle Nutrition and Fitness

- Poor lifestyle choices can lead to hear disease, cancer, diabetes, spinal degeneration, and early death
- Create a Lifestyle Nutrition and Fitness program you can enjoy.
- Get off the weight loss roller coaster
- Avoid preventable diseases
- Keep your spine and nerves healthy
- Maximize your genes

Complimentary Computerized Nerve System Analysis

Your nervous system is made up of your brain, brain stem, and spinal cord.  In order for you to feel well and for your body to function properly, this system must be communicating without interference.  

The Insight Discovery equipment analyzes the function of the nervous system, non-invasively on the surface of the skin.  It can detect areas of nerve interference.  Our Orange County health screenings with this equipment consist of a brief scan and explanation that takes about 3-5 minutes per person.